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Middle East & Africa exclusive distributor for wide range of unique high quality products,

We offer dental business consulting services focusing on sales and distribution networks, market entries and management for the MEA market.


We can connect you with the best Distributors in MEA to distribute your product

With our experience with global market leaders and our worldwide network in implant dentistry we can provide you with best practice solutions and quickly connect you to key players.


Getting distributors for your products in each country of the region, with high field force, Then after they start selling your products, we following their performance giving them all needed support, periodic visits to the country and KOLs, Monitoring distributors stocks and the annual sales target



Market analysis and Strategic Plan for you to enter the MEA market, or specific countries.

Launching  brand awareness 

launching seminars and events in each country, Participating in Exhibitions and conferences in each country presenting your products.

high performance online marketing for all doctors in the area



Your Key to enter Middle East and Africa


MEA region is the fastest growing market for Medical products with high future potential.

international companies need local presence to get regulatory approvals in each country,

We have the experience and connections to facilitate a smooth market entry for your products and to help you grow your business.

We can help with

o Importation Rules

o Approval Process

o Identify Sales Channels

o Local Laws

o Market Demographics

Registration in Ministry of health of each country



We offer Training for your distributor's team on your products,

or training for customers on your products beside all the scientific and educational events and activities

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