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Webinar for dentists, nurses, and dental hygienist,

to learn what is Hypnosis and how to use it in the dental clinic with every patient and what is the benefits of using it with patients and the quality of dental treatment done you will learn:


- What is Hypnosis..

- What is hypnosis application in dentistry

- How can medical support hypnotherapy improve patient dental experience and reduce pain during treatment..

- How it will improve the daily dental work..

- What is the procedures..

Speaker : Nihad Ragab

- Medical Support Hypnotherapist – H.A.A- New Mexico, USA

- Member of International Board of Hypnotherapy – I.B.H – USA

- Authorized trainer from American Council of Hypnotist Examiners – A.C.H.E- California, USA

- Member of National Guild of Hypnotists – New York, USA

- Authorized trainer from Hypnotherapy Training Institute – H.T.I – California, USA

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